Monday, May 25, 2009


So I had a few minutes to make nice little conversations with the VIP for the upcoming Geronimo Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana, Teddy Lamson. She is in charge, the end all be all boss of this operation... she loves it and hates it from what I gathered. Sort of like hate fucking somebody you know? No? No. Who knows. This lady does it all. Drums, sings, plays guitar... I don't even want to know how many bands she is in, but shes is in a shitload so say the least [Actually I know how many she is in: GIVERS, ArborVitae, Rotary Downs, Direwood, Teddy and the Tornadoes, and Bad Chad and the Good Girls. Shit! No, that was not a bad name... it was an expletive.] and has a very DIY mentality. I have never met a more productive person that is involved in the music community and I am sure she is going to continue further advancing our amazing musical community.

A: What kind of panties are you wearing? Oh yes... I am going there.

Teddy Lamson: Haha! What the fuck? This better be relevant.

A: Maybe?

Teddy: I'm wearing an armor body suit.

A: Fuck yea.

Teddy: Hahaha... oooook.

A: Now that we got that out of the way. What is your involvement with the music community? What is your most prominent skill in this business?

Teddy: I do as much as possible without my head exploding. I'm a fucking networking monster... I love it, it gets me off and I enjoy the chaos of scrambling around.

A: Well... now the big shit.. Geronimo Fest. I have heard a lot about it from a lot people. Not just you by the way. Want to explain?

Teddy: Well, Geronimo is an old Apache Indian from the late 1800s but we didnt get the name from him. Although, its satirical because his name means "one who yawns" and thats definitely the opposite of what we are trying to do with this festival. We are trying to get people to wake the fuck up and become a part of a music community where we can all help each other and network and live through music. We just dove in head first in this and had no idea it was gonna be this big and... hopefully successful. This is technically the "second" one but the beta one was last year and has nothing on this year

A: Gotcha. I assume your head is going to explode?

Teddy: This year we have 3x the amount of sponsors, advertising, volunteers, administrative teams, and confirmed guests. Yeah, exploding to say the least. I wear a hat everyday just in case. No... not really. I don't like hate that much. I mean hats. HATS! Ha!

A: Good save... I thought you were about to spout some hippy bull-shit.

Teddy: Me hippy? Only on the weekends. I'm business all week long. So yeah, Geronimo is bigger than us and out of our hands at this point. We are doing all we can to make it awesome for the musicians and the people attending. We wanna treat the musicians right.. because so many times they are the ones who get the shitty end of things.

A: So I was going to ask about the expansion of Geronimo Fest but it seems you are taking care of that. Any plans on taking Geronimo Fest even further?

Teddy: On taking it further? Hmmm, well, as long as I am managing it, it will grow bigger everyday and hopefully next year, the other businesses and venues around the area will say,"Shit, I wanna be a part of that!" and then we can incorporate more places to play and therefore a bigger lineup with more artists. Then... more sponsors, then bigger acts, then BAM!... Exploding heads.

A: More money... you greedy bastard.

Teddy: Haha... ACTUALLY... We are a non-profit organization. All the money goes to paying the bands and housing and feeding them and paying for the shit we need to make this happen again.

A: Is that all you care about? Fame and fortune?!

Teddy: Fame? Fortune? They go hand in hand and Geronimo already is famous.

A: I dunno... maybe.

Teddy: One day we will be rich. No, not really but we'd like the bands to get paid well so I hope I get to play every year. :)

Andrew: Any acts that you are especially excited to see? I mean, if you aren't busy running around?

Well I think I'll get to see about every band because I WILL be running around headless but I really am excited to see just about everyone to be honest.

A: Awesome.

Teddy: I mean I voted for everyone who is on that lineup. We are a democracy this year.

A: How big is this democracy? Are you guys like an evil council or something?

Teddy: We wanted all the administrative teams votes unanimous on all the artists that were up for spots. We are semi-evil, incorporating illegal graffiti and what not into our advertising. I am paying bums in beer to work for me. Is that evil? I think I am giving them hope, but the democratic circle is quite small. I'm hoping next year more experienced people will want to jump on board.

A: Like the Lord of the Rings? Like the Fellowship of the Rings?

Teddy: Yes, it is an elite package. Are you trying to get in the circle?

A: Nah... I'm a Harry Potter fan myself.

Teddy: Ah yes. I can tell by your hair.

A: Fuck you. This interview is over.

Be sure to click on flier to get all the gory details as to who is playing. If you need some more info on where to go and who to see, CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME OH YES CLICK ME HARDER!

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