Friday, May 22, 2009 a big pile of cocaine.

Don't ask me how this dude did it... don't ask me how long it took him to do it....fuck the Japanese! If I had a proper bayonet and some WWII fatigues on, he'd be skewered quicker than a fucking pig on a spit. Kidding of course... I am not one much for stabbing. Quick shot in the head will do fine to quench my jealous bloodthirst. I really like this Jap artist guy Motoi Yamamoto [There are two links there if you cant figure that out. Put down the sock and spray paint.]. He has more patience then me. Fuck he probably has more patience then most artists who constantly have meticulous sticks up their asses. I always enjoy seeing people who are better than me at something. I rarely get to be one-upped by another cause usually I shut them motha fuckas down ya know what I'm saying dawg!? I kid.... I kid... I don't speak like that... I'm not black [!]

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