Sunday, May 3, 2009

Like Myst but with boobs.

Since I don't like the sun and I hate over-priced festivals where their only purpose is to entertain our surrounding states by allowing them into our city so they can get into car wrecks and binge drink and take our parking spots and fill the french quarter with even more imbeciles. This time though... they aren't wearing Tulane shirts and are 40 years old. Yeah, that sounds about right. Jazz Fest is for 40 year olds. Really Kings of Leon? Go fuck yourselves. I can't think of it any other way. I used to go. when it was $30... even then I complained about the fucking price. And even then, I got in for free cause I fucking know people. I wouldnt have mind going as long as somebody paid for it and the expenses [crawfish bread and cuban sandwiches... only reason to go really], somebody drove me and if I didnt have a fucking hangover for the past three days. I am having trouble enough placing my fingers on this fucking keyboard and properly placing letters in their corrective place. Oh... and fuck all the fucking venues that try to put on shows and charge $15 fucking dollars where it fucks all the locals into seeing music acts. You people are fucking criminals and should be hanged. Anyways, since I'd rather bath in computer light and enjoy the mysterious, I found this German group [I think they are German... let alone a group] who is doing something that I believe will catch on in the States. He/they do[es] it well and knows what people want.... thats right.... tits. I might be senstationalizing this website adventure but if you really want to fucking see some goddamned titties go to a porn site. This shit is a tad more tasteful and the site is well made. I spent a good 10 minutes just going around and clicking shit... and then I checked the rest of their stuff out. If you jerk off to Helmut Newton photography then you need to place your head in a toilet and stay their for 2-5 minutes depending on your lung capacity.

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