Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A farthing for your thoughts.

I spend way too much time on computers. Hell, everyone does. Its seriously a nasty addiction. I read somewhere on the internet that our own eyes spend 90% of its time staring at rectangles. Of course, that could be silly internet bullshit. Like those fucking LOL Catz. I swear to fucking god almighty if I ever fucking see one of those things again I will make sure I dig a hole deep enough into the bowels of this earth to unleash Satan from his deepest of lairs. Fail Dogs suck dick too, although It all sucks. Sometimes I really do hate the internet. Its too much of a wasted time. Sometimes I second guess if I should have gotten a Graphic Design degree cause it forces me to be in front of a computer... where the internet lives. I have to sometimes force myself to look at the fucking screen for hours on end cause there are news articles or pictures of awesome shit or naked chicks [ok... last part is in the internets favor. good job labidos!] Once in a while, you find something that is neither tits or some kid getting his nutsack punched by 12 dudes. This artist Wilhelm Staehle, who apparently was "Established in 1880", has this way of creating Victorian pieces of art that have the sense of humor of a Motivational Poster. There are a couple of them that are just golden, as if the humor gods came down and blessed this man and said "Your cock will be huge, but you will not be a douche." His whole presentation, website and his use of specific typefaces made this especially enjoyable for me and I hope you enjoy the Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre as much as I did.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Stop fucking bothering me.

alright alright alright ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! Fuck.... I know I haven't fucking written anything down in a some time. I have been busy I guess? I dunno. I do remember staying at a friends house for a few days just getting stoned and playing Final Fantasy VII [you know you are a dork when you have to put the sequel number as a Roman numeral] after getting back from Geronimo Fest, which was an incredibly amazing time. I like to allow my writing to come naturally you know? Like a calming water-birth with shamans and candles rather than a god damned Caesarean section. Updates right? That is what you want right? Well fuck you. All I know is, is that I want a pair of these fuckers! I know I never reviewed their latest album Crack the Skye and I should have but it just would be me saying "I need new pants" and then a check-plus-plus somewhere. Speaking of needing new pants, rather than evacuating fluids due to the nature of audio euphoria, I released a rather different liquid [pssst... its called urine! who woulda known] because this shit was so fucking funny. This series of shorts called Look Around You is ... well... actually, don't read that... at all. In fact... I am just going to put a few of them up on this here internets machiney.

Of course I had to put the music one up. Its great, but I must say my favorite of the eight is Water. Just. Please. Watch. Them. All.