Saturday, May 16, 2009

Album Art Album Art Album Art

I don't know how often I discuss album art in actual, but I feel like it is my duty now to bring it up. Everybody who claims to have a connection with music always has a few album designs that they really enjoy. For me, when I am working on an any kind of album art, I always look around my catalog of album covers and wander the internet for inspiration. It always helps and it is always nice to see some work done by others that execute an idea that parallels your own. Of all the "Top 10" lists that seem so prevalent and unavoidable these days on the internet, I believe I found a nice little article that actually mixes it up a bit. No genre limitations, and they even have a few repeat offenders in their list of "100 Obscure & Remarkable CD Covers" [I am looking at you Radiohead. You too Bjork!]. A few I do not agree with but hey, maybe it is because I think their music is what caused world hunger. There are however a few personal favorites of mine on this list that made me forget about the 2 or 3 shit covers. Make sure you check out The Roots - Things Fall Apart. Good choice of imagery that reflects the music well. Now that is album art. Oh... and I did two versions of the same show. Just feel like showing them off. Really like the second one myself.

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