Monday, May 25, 2009


So I had a few minutes to make nice little conversations with the VIP for the upcoming Geronimo Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana, Teddy Lamson. She is in charge, the end all be all boss of this operation... she loves it and hates it from what I gathered. Sort of like hate fucking somebody you know? No? No. Who knows. This lady does it all. Drums, sings, plays guitar... I don't even want to know how many bands she is in, but shes is in a shitload so say the least [Actually I know how many she is in: GIVERS, ArborVitae, Rotary Downs, Direwood, Teddy and the Tornadoes, and Bad Chad and the Good Girls. Shit! No, that was not a bad name... it was an expletive.] and has a very DIY mentality. I have never met a more productive person that is involved in the music community and I am sure she is going to continue further advancing our amazing musical community.

A: What kind of panties are you wearing? Oh yes... I am going there.

Teddy Lamson: Haha! What the fuck? This better be relevant.

A: Maybe?

Teddy: I'm wearing an armor body suit.

A: Fuck yea.

Teddy: Hahaha... oooook.

A: Now that we got that out of the way. What is your involvement with the music community? What is your most prominent skill in this business?

Teddy: I do as much as possible without my head exploding. I'm a fucking networking monster... I love it, it gets me off and I enjoy the chaos of scrambling around.

A: Well... now the big shit.. Geronimo Fest. I have heard a lot about it from a lot people. Not just you by the way. Want to explain?

Teddy: Well, Geronimo is an old Apache Indian from the late 1800s but we didnt get the name from him. Although, its satirical because his name means "one who yawns" and thats definitely the opposite of what we are trying to do with this festival. We are trying to get people to wake the fuck up and become a part of a music community where we can all help each other and network and live through music. We just dove in head first in this and had no idea it was gonna be this big and... hopefully successful. This is technically the "second" one but the beta one was last year and has nothing on this year

A: Gotcha. I assume your head is going to explode?

Teddy: This year we have 3x the amount of sponsors, advertising, volunteers, administrative teams, and confirmed guests. Yeah, exploding to say the least. I wear a hat everyday just in case. No... not really. I don't like hate that much. I mean hats. HATS! Ha!

A: Good save... I thought you were about to spout some hippy bull-shit.

Teddy: Me hippy? Only on the weekends. I'm business all week long. So yeah, Geronimo is bigger than us and out of our hands at this point. We are doing all we can to make it awesome for the musicians and the people attending. We wanna treat the musicians right.. because so many times they are the ones who get the shitty end of things.

A: So I was going to ask about the expansion of Geronimo Fest but it seems you are taking care of that. Any plans on taking Geronimo Fest even further?

Teddy: On taking it further? Hmmm, well, as long as I am managing it, it will grow bigger everyday and hopefully next year, the other businesses and venues around the area will say,"Shit, I wanna be a part of that!" and then we can incorporate more places to play and therefore a bigger lineup with more artists. Then... more sponsors, then bigger acts, then BAM!... Exploding heads.

A: More money... you greedy bastard.

Teddy: Haha... ACTUALLY... We are a non-profit organization. All the money goes to paying the bands and housing and feeding them and paying for the shit we need to make this happen again.

A: Is that all you care about? Fame and fortune?!

Teddy: Fame? Fortune? They go hand in hand and Geronimo already is famous.

A: I dunno... maybe.

Teddy: One day we will be rich. No, not really but we'd like the bands to get paid well so I hope I get to play every year. :)

Andrew: Any acts that you are especially excited to see? I mean, if you aren't busy running around?

Well I think I'll get to see about every band because I WILL be running around headless but I really am excited to see just about everyone to be honest.

A: Awesome.

Teddy: I mean I voted for everyone who is on that lineup. We are a democracy this year.

A: How big is this democracy? Are you guys like an evil council or something?

Teddy: We wanted all the administrative teams votes unanimous on all the artists that were up for spots. We are semi-evil, incorporating illegal graffiti and what not into our advertising. I am paying bums in beer to work for me. Is that evil? I think I am giving them hope, but the democratic circle is quite small. I'm hoping next year more experienced people will want to jump on board.

A: Like the Lord of the Rings? Like the Fellowship of the Rings?

Teddy: Yes, it is an elite package. Are you trying to get in the circle?

A: Nah... I'm a Harry Potter fan myself.

Teddy: Ah yes. I can tell by your hair.

A: Fuck you. This interview is over.

Be sure to click on flier to get all the gory details as to who is playing. If you need some more info on where to go and who to see, CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME OH YES CLICK ME HARDER!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eating too much ravioli will make you puke.

Dude... I cannot even begin to describe the many levels of shit I feel right now. Free booze and not enough eating will do that to you. Of course, in my drunken brilliance, believing that a bowl of ravioli at 3 in the morning seemed like the best cure. It. is. not. Not only did I tell myself "Ok... you just have to puke a little bit. Lets walk to the toilet and just spit some out." but I also was able to even embarrass my dog with the explicit conversation that I was having with myself. Needless to say... there was not a little puke. There was not even just a spit. I am pretty sure I evacuated food that I ate last week. I fucking puked an archive of my dietary habits. That is how much I fucking puked. If I was somebody else watching me... I wouldnt have allowed myself to fall asleep due to fears of asphyxiation [Just to clarify as to how cool I am, I didn't have to spell check that word.]. You have no idea how much I am struggling to keep my hands steady. Of course, it is the next day and what do I do? Fucking listen to OK Computer and watch a fucking incredibly ridiculous Grizzly Bear music video. I know they fucking mess with their heads in post-production, but I always just believed them to be robots anyways. Don't take my dreams away.

Friday, May 22, 2009 a big pile of cocaine.

Don't ask me how this dude did it... don't ask me how long it took him to do it....fuck the Japanese! If I had a proper bayonet and some WWII fatigues on, he'd be skewered quicker than a fucking pig on a spit. Kidding of course... I am not one much for stabbing. Quick shot in the head will do fine to quench my jealous bloodthirst. I really like this Jap artist guy Motoi Yamamoto [There are two links there if you cant figure that out. Put down the sock and spray paint.]. He has more patience then me. Fuck he probably has more patience then most artists who constantly have meticulous sticks up their asses. I always enjoy seeing people who are better than me at something. I rarely get to be one-upped by another cause usually I shut them motha fuckas down ya know what I'm saying dawg!? I kid.... I kid... I don't speak like that... I'm not black [!]

Monday, May 18, 2009

I feel sorry for you Smashing Pumpkins fans.

Smashing Pumpkins... let me count the ways as to why I fucking despise you: Billy Corgan is a huge fucking dangly prick. His singing sucks and I imagine if a mouth-breather ever sang, he would sound like Billy Corgan with his fucking retarded raspiness. I never really appreciated the lyrical content and I really... just really, really hate their music. I think this video will finally prove how much alternative/indie/whatever-the-fuck "cred" Corgan has... if he ever had any in the first place. If you are still a fan of Smashing Pumpkins or even Billy Corgan after watching this video... I'll let you cry on my shoulder. Then I will cock punch you.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Album Art Album Art Album Art

I don't know how often I discuss album art in actual, but I feel like it is my duty now to bring it up. Everybody who claims to have a connection with music always has a few album designs that they really enjoy. For me, when I am working on an any kind of album art, I always look around my catalog of album covers and wander the internet for inspiration. It always helps and it is always nice to see some work done by others that execute an idea that parallels your own. Of all the "Top 10" lists that seem so prevalent and unavoidable these days on the internet, I believe I found a nice little article that actually mixes it up a bit. No genre limitations, and they even have a few repeat offenders in their list of "100 Obscure & Remarkable CD Covers" [I am looking at you Radiohead. You too Bjork!]. A few I do not agree with but hey, maybe it is because I think their music is what caused world hunger. There are however a few personal favorites of mine on this list that made me forget about the 2 or 3 shit covers. Make sure you check out The Roots - Things Fall Apart. Good choice of imagery that reflects the music well. Now that is album art. Oh... and I did two versions of the same show. Just feel like showing them off. Really like the second one myself.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

™ by the hand of god [aka ( (o) Y (o) )]

Rarely do I expose myself to the world. Take that as you may, but I am pretty sure I don't show my gear to any sort of bystanders. If you have met me personally... I will guarantee that I will find some excuse to make fun of your musical taste. If anything, I will rain on your parade for my own satisfaction. That means I MIGHT like you. A friend of mine told me that I am self-centered...I don't know what that means but I think it says something about how I am right all the time. Thanks for the boost of confidence. I make fun of a lot of bands and trends related to the culture of music and most of these trends are bullshit and cater towards the people who are willing to be force fed. On that note... I will open up about my music. I have spent a good few months working on these songs [this... EP if you will]. I have spent numerous hours and numerous takes playing the same shit over and over and over and over again. I have argued with these fucking people [my band], I have been told I was wrong by these people and I have told them that they were equally wrong and I will always have room in my heart to willingly fucking curse their unborn. The fact that I have made fun of other people and their music for a while, I believe it is time for the tables to turn. I am in a band and we have had some times of difficulty agreeing on direction... but you know what...Fuck... sometimes things are bigger than you. Really. Meth or glory fuckers.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Like Myst but with boobs.

Since I don't like the sun and I hate over-priced festivals where their only purpose is to entertain our surrounding states by allowing them into our city so they can get into car wrecks and binge drink and take our parking spots and fill the french quarter with even more imbeciles. This time though... they aren't wearing Tulane shirts and are 40 years old. Yeah, that sounds about right. Jazz Fest is for 40 year olds. Really Kings of Leon? Go fuck yourselves. I can't think of it any other way. I used to go. when it was $30... even then I complained about the fucking price. And even then, I got in for free cause I fucking know people. I wouldnt have mind going as long as somebody paid for it and the expenses [crawfish bread and cuban sandwiches... only reason to go really], somebody drove me and if I didnt have a fucking hangover for the past three days. I am having trouble enough placing my fingers on this fucking keyboard and properly placing letters in their corrective place. Oh... and fuck all the fucking venues that try to put on shows and charge $15 fucking dollars where it fucks all the locals into seeing music acts. You people are fucking criminals and should be hanged. Anyways, since I'd rather bath in computer light and enjoy the mysterious, I found this German group [I think they are German... let alone a group] who is doing something that I believe will catch on in the States. He/they do[es] it well and knows what people want.... thats right.... tits. I might be senstationalizing this website adventure but if you really want to fucking see some goddamned titties go to a porn site. This shit is a tad more tasteful and the site is well made. I spent a good 10 minutes just going around and clicking shit... and then I checked the rest of their stuff out. If you jerk off to Helmut Newton photography then you need to place your head in a toilet and stay their for 2-5 minutes depending on your lung capacity.