Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Village Death

Alright you shit may or may not know, there is this band called The City Life from New Orleans. Supposedly, they have been a pretty big fixture in the New Orleans rock scene for about 5 years. I don't see it honestly. I mean, I have heard a few tunes and shit and was not impressed. Their singer sounds like Liza fucking Minnelli! Seriously Leon DeLionFucker or whatever your Hebrew name is... grow some balls and stop singing fucking Cabaret. Oh right... sorry... the point of this post is to inform you idiots that they are finally breaking up. Thank god, right? I heard these guys one time at the Circle Bar. Worst. Show. Ever. Talk about a band trying really really hard to get your attention. Too much dancing for my taste. I haven't been this excited about a break up since I hurled my brothers antique porcelain piggy bank into a brick wall. I was always curious what a band breaking-up sounds like, you know? Does it sound like a pane of glass shattering or pottery being hit by a bat? Who knows.... I mean I guess you can find out on Friday, April 3rd at One Eyed Jacks at around 9pm [that was not a plug]. Fuckers.

"I told you boss, we got rid of the body. Oh wait ... it's resting on Lucy's shoulder"

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