Friday, April 24, 2009

Russians dont fuck around.

I think I have found the coolest design studio ever. Of course they are Russian which makes it even fucking cooler cause they drink vodka like it was their job [but their job is designing.... find a joke in their somewhere folks.]. These guys make some pretty serious shit... like THE MOST EXPENSIVE FUCKING KEYBOARD EVER! What I appreciate about these guys is that they do more than just websites, posters [which you should check out anyways] and shit. They actually design peripherals and products like said keyboard and probably the coolest set of speakers as well. They just have some of the most badass shit... and they are clever about it too. Nothing is cheesy about them unless they do it intentionally. I also suggest reading their M.O. Like I said... these guys dont fuck around. Take your time absorbing that shit... cause they're fucking Russians.

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