Friday, April 10, 2009

apparently they like shit

Its true... Antenna Inn like shit. That's what happens when you get 9 overly ambitious idiots who make shitty music. They eventually go back to the source of their creativeness: fecal matter. This is true on many levels. They must all have really smalls dicks because their band is so fucking huge. The are like the Porsche of indie rock. I'm talking like.... 50 drummers and like 25 gutiars. They are the musician's mid-life crisis. They made a movie which features some live songs and shows how much they love what they do [hint: they slap each other in the balls a lot and chain smoke. I'm pretty sure they are all alcoholics]. Also... since they are all retards I have compiled all their videos together because I am a nice guy and YouTube are a bunch of pussies for limiting the size of video uploads.

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