Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its not Hip-Hop.... its Electro!

I think I have this sick fetish for enjoying squared sound-waves and synthesizers. Maybe its due to the fact that they remind me of my ears getting massage by something warm... also... I got high a lot pretty much throughout high-school and always enjoyed the feel/sound of compressed sounds and distorted guitar. I, of course, have matured and have moved on to more sophisticated ways to introduce bodily harm to myself... like razor blades to my sack. But you know whats better than slashing your balls? Fucking electro! No ... intercourse with electronic appliances, especially plugged in, will always end in hearbreak... or the removal of said genitalia. I've decided to embed 5 really amazingly awesome shitty electro songs that I am sure if you have half a brain you've heard these little sculpted pieces of shit that resemble gems. Pull out your pacifiers and start flicking the light switches!

P.S. - If you like tits and ass... you will want to fuck me. Oh... and you'll like these videos too... Not the Paul Oakenfold one however. He's just standing there.... you might like that kind of thing though.

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