Friday, February 27, 2009

Mardi Gras gave me VD and didn't apologize

Only kidding folks. She did provided with a cornucopia of cleavage. For instance:


Names shall not be given for the safety of me cause if this chick found out I am spilling her boobs all over the internet she might actually come tell me that I did it all wrong and will proceed to force me to take naked pictures of her all day and night. I know crazy huh? Men with iron hearts will blush as to what she will do to you in order to get your attention. They almost look like they have eyeballs huh? Hmmmmm. Lets take a closer looky look.


I hope everyone's Mardi Gras celebration was filled with yelling at tourists and spending 5 hours of traffic a day just so you can fucking go to work or meet up with people that really don't want to deal with parades. Parades attract tourists like shit attracts flies. I swear... I think the only people who really go to parades are Tulane fucks and people who don't know anything else better to do.... so they get piss drunk and yell at shit even when nothing is going on [granted, there are a few people who genuinely like them for certain reasons: marching bands & yelling at other drunk people]. Yeah I know that was a long sentence, but I am right. Tits are overrated anyways. I'll lift my shirt in front of a mirror before I get sucked into that sad excuse of a mating ritual. Bunch of middle-aged women who left their husbands behind to try and "feel young" again.

Things to expect soon:
DEBUT Album Review!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right - Mastodon - Crack The Skye

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